Colourwheel DK – a Vibrant Cake Yarn from Sirdar

Colourwheel wrapSirdar Colourwheel DK is a gloriously vibrant colour effect double knitting yarn and comes in a range of 6 amazing shades.

Colourwheel is a cake yarn so the true effect of each shade can be seen from the ball!

This wonderful yarn is available today from your local independent wool shop. Click here to find your local stockist.

The Colourwheel Advantage

Authentic Colourwheel DK is superior to most other cake yarns …

  • The use of DK as opposed to aran gives a finer finish & better drape to the garment – especially good for scarves & neck wraps
  • Each pattern is specially designed to be completed with just one single “wheel” with each ball yielding an amazing 520mt/568yd
  • The gradual colour changes in the dye finish means your project fades subtly from colour to colour without abrupt stoppages between shades
  • There are up to 8 different shade variations in each individual cake with NO repetition. Many other cake yarns have just 4-5  shades and repeat the hues to give the illusion of more colours. Colourwheel allows your garment to show the full effect of colour changes, rather than an abrupt stripy effect.

Sirdar Colourwheel Cake Yarn Ball shotIn addition, there is a collection of 8 incredible patterns of one-ball accessory designs (plus a free wrap pattern on the ball band!).

Colourwheel is a standard double knitting 20% wool blend yarn and will knit to all Sirdar DK patterns.

Cake yarns are not made equal and Sirdar gives you a quality, texture and colour not seen in other cake yarns. Click here see the product range and click here to find a retailer.

6 Glorious Shades

Choose from 6 lovely shades ranging from the earthy Nature’s Palette and Colourama to the restful Flower Garden.

colouwheel shades

Here is the full range of shades (with shade numbers) …

  • 200 – Perfectly Pretty
  • 201 – Colourama
  • 202 – Follow the Rainbow
  • 203 – Flower Garden
  • 204 – Deep Blue Sea
  • 205 – Nature’s Palette

8 Amazing Patterns

colouwheel pattern coverOne of the best aspects of this yarn is that just one ball of Colourwheel is enough to complete any of the patterns.

Sirdar have 8 lovely patterns for you to choose from.

Just to make sure you’re getting the best value for money, there is a free pattern included on the ball band!

Here is the full list of patterns (with pattern numbers) …

  • 8027 – Easy Crochet – Triangle Scarf and Zig Zag Scarf
  • 8028 – Easy Crochet – Poncho and Snood
  • 8029 – Easy Crochet – Shawl and Scarf
  • 8030 – Easy Crochet – Snood and Shawl
  • 8031 – East Knit – Snood and Winged Wrap
  • 8032 – Easy Knit – Scarf and Castellated Wrap
  • 8033 – Easy Knit – Wrap and Triangular Wrap
  • 8034 – Easy Knit – Snood and Scarf

Where to Find Colourwheel DK

This beautiful yarn is available across Australia and New Zealand from your local Extraordinary Yarns retailer.

Click here to find your local Colourwheel DK stockist.

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