Extra Fine Merino Worsted by Sublime

Extra Fine Merino Worsted yarn is a high-quality, 100% pure wool yarn from Sublime.

Extraordinary Yarns are the authorised distributor of Sublime Merino Worsted to independent wool shops throughout Australia and New Zealand.

You can’t buy direct from us but you can enjoy fantastic service from our retailers who sell Sublime yarn. Click here to find a retailer near you.

Extra Fine Merino Worsted – 100% Pure Wool

Sublime Extra Fine Merino Worsted is spun in Italy and is made using 100% of the softest extra fine merino wool and has a beautifully rounded, multi-ended construction giving the yarn a stunning quality and perfect stitch definition.

Click here to see the 30 sophisticated and timeless Merino Worsted shades sold through our retailers.

Six of the most popular shades our retailers sell include Alabaster, Salty Grey, Clipper, Marmalade, Botanica and Marley:

Merino Worsted 6 shades

Pattern Books – the Ultimate Pattern Collections

Sublime’s Merino Worsted patterns are showcased in four very classy, well presented pattern books rather than individual leaflets.

The quality of the books is so good, you could leave them on your coffee table for visitors to marvel at the patterns you have knitted or plan to knit!

Each pattern book includes between 15 and 21 patterns.

We have listed the details for you below.

Extra Fine Merino Worsted Pattern Book 692

Pattern Book 692 – 15 patterns

Merino Worsted Pattern Book 699

Pattern Book 699 – 17 patterns

Merino Worsted Pattern Book 707

Pattern Book 707 – 16 patterns

Merino Worsted Pattern Book 709

Pattern Book 709 – 21 patterns



















Find Sublime Yarns at your Local Wool Shop

We strongly believe in the benefits of buying your yarn and patterns at your local wool shop. In fact, we wrote a blog on the subject.

As we mentioned before, Extraordinary Yarns are the distributor for Sublime yarns such as Extra Fine Merino Worsted.

We do not sell yarns to the general public. We supply yarns to independent wool shops – not the big haberdashery chain stores.

So, if you are looking for yarn, please find a retailer near you then give them a call, visit their shop or send them an email.

Most of all, they appreciate local customers getting in touch!

Our Merino Worsted Knitting Project

We love hearing how knitters enjoy creating wonderful garments and accessories with this lovely yarn from Sublime.

We also love to knit ourselves.

Here’s the first picture of our Extra Fine Merino Worsted project. We’re looking to knit a scarf from Pattern Book 692 in the stunning Marmalade shade.

Feel free to follow us on Facebook and we’ll show you our progress!

merino worsted project start