The knitting community spans far and wide.

From knitting groups to wool shops, from yarn bombing to good causes and from fashion to lifelong friendships – knitting has the power to inspire us in many ways.

While we are proud to distribute quality yarn to independent wool shops in Australia and New Zealand, we recognise the importance of the wider community involved in knitting and crochet.

Through this page we plan to share more information on about the knitting and yarn community in Australia and New Zealand.

Here are some useful links to begin with, especially if you’re looking to begin your knitting or crochet adventures.. You will find many more interesting links and posts on our Facebook page.

Mum & Me – local crochet classes

Latest News

Knitting Heroes

If you are reading this the chances are you are already someone’s knitting hero. And by knitting I really mean a “yarn craft” hero. Every garment you make probably has a little sachet of love attached with an invisible note that says “I made this

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The Enduring Popularity of Crochet

We live in a time of rapid change. What was new yesterday is old hat today. So why is it that crochet is having such a resurgence in popularity? Crochet was in decline through the nineties and into this century. However, over the last few

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Welcome to Extraordinary Yarns

You may be wondering who or what is Extraordinary Yarns. Extraordinary Yarns aims to bring together a very special community of people who have an active interest in hand knitting, crochet and associated yarn crafts. Our team has been involved in the Australian and New

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