Luxurious Brushtail Possum

Zealana is a leading yarn innovator dedicated to elevating New Zealand’s already superior, natural fibres with the exceptional properties of New Zealand Brushtail Possum fibre.

Zealana yarns offer luxurious handling, we use high quality natural fibers, including fine merino and cashmere, and superior yarn manufacturing to make Zealana one of the finest hand knitting and crochet yarns available in the world.

Red Book – A Global Kitting Book to Raise Money for Endangered Animals

An international group of designers have come together in creating 33 clever designs for young children through to adults inspired by endangered animals to open our minds and hearts to the plight of endangered species, featuring Zealana Yarns.

Preservation and Protection

Other than providing yarn that is 55% warmer than 100% merino wool and 35% warmer than 100% cashmere as well as being significantly more durable and softer to touch, Zealana Yarns also have a positive impact on the environment.  

Through the introduction of the non-native brushtail possum population in the 19th century, the species has reached staggering proportions largely due to the lack of natural predators that would otherwise maintain an ecological balance. This has had extremely damaging impacts on New Zealand’s native flora and fauna. Thus, Zealana is committed to the responsible management of the brushtail possum in New Zealand, and when you choose our luxury knitting yarns, you are choosing to be a part of our sustainability story.


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