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In 1860 Theodor Lang acquired a water mill in Reiden where he  built a mechanical cotton-spinning mill. This was the start of Lang Yarns where pure mako cotton yarns were spun to the finest counts of Ne 30 and  exported to Germany and France. 

Flash forward today Lang Yarns is one of the leading brands in the worldwide market for hand-knitting yarns. Now owned by Jakob Lang of the 6th generation, Lang’s passion for yarns and fashion, a joy in achieving the highest quality and constant innovation bound with consideration to long textile tradition motivates the development of new hand-knitting yarns.


Wooladdicts is a new modern, trendy line with high quality materials, and innovative patterns keeping you up to date wiht the latest trends. By designing different patterns for different levels, it doesn‘t matter which kind of knitting level you master.

The Elements:

Looking for a big knit look… FIRE is your thing! Fire is the biggest thread of all elements. Indulge yourself with this extra soft Merino. Don‘t only think of hats but, also think of coarsely knitted sweaters or cardigans. Just think BIG.

Fibers that are airspun around a core of nylon. This thread is vivid, soft and strong. Touching AIR feels like being on cloud nine. This yarn is perfect for all kind of handicrafts and can be best combined with water. But who am I to say?

Projects will never become too heavy with this combination. EARTH, a blended thread made of alpaca and merino fibers with an extraordinarily soft touch. Ideal for “sweater weather”. (Like that perfect sweater on page 51 of the WOOLADDICTS magazine).

It‘s soft, voluminous in its look without being too fuzzy… Made a mistake? NO worries! This 100% crimped baby alpaca is easy to unravel. WATER is by far the softest thread of all elements. Socks, wristlets, cardigans… you can create them all.

LOVE is a chained thread that really fits in this wonderful family of merino‘s. We can‘t think of any thread more suitable for accessories than this one. Think of light-weighted scarfs or hats. Want to create a cool look? Go bold and use multiple colors.

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