Touch Fancy

A Soft Yarn for Fun Projects

Touch knitting yarn by Sirdar is perfect for fun and fashionable projects for the winter and spring.

It is a lovely, distinctive yarn that is soft to the touch and looks fantastic as a garment, home knit or accessory. Extraordinary Yarns are the authorised distributor of Sirdar Touch to independent wool shops throughout Australia and New Zealand. You can’t buy directly from Extraordinary Yarns but you can enjoy fantastic service from our retailers who sell Sirdar yarn.

Touch by Sirdar – Irresistibly Soft and Fun

From the sophisticated to the fun, from the light to the dark, there is bound to be a shade for your next knitting project.

Below are 6 of the most popular shades (Flurry, Posey, Buffy, Fleecy, Truffly and Dixy) in the Touch range.

A Wide Selection of Patterns

Touch patternsEvery ball of Touch yarn comes with a Snood pattern on the ball band. You can start knitting right away.

However, there are 14 patterns to choose from – you can knit a toy bear, pillows, throws, bobble hats, cardigans and lots more.

This is an incredibly versatile yarn for those fun projects in Winter / Spring.

Not only are the patterns fun to knit, the finished product can be machine washed on a wool cycle.

A machine wash is very important to keep a knitted teddy bear clean for little hands to play with!

Where to Find Touch by Sirdar

This beautiful yarn is available across Australia and New Zealand from your local Extraordinary Yarns retailer.

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